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Bike Trailers

Make biking adventures easier with a bike transport trailer.


We’ve worked with a number of schools and mountain biking clubs to design an easy-to-use trailer that can hold plenty of bikes (1-24 bikes) as well as biking gear. We can also offer additional upgrades that enable you to carry kayaks at the same time – perfect for school camps and day trips. We can also make adjustments so that you can transport E-bikes, just let us know your requirements.

Custom Bike Trailer | New Zealand | Epic Trailers

This custom bike trailer was made for a local school that needed to transport up to 20 bikes! We were able to customise the inside of the trailer too, so that it is also able to carry kayaks. This is our biggest bike trailer yet! We can make trailers to carry anywhere from 4 to 20 bikes, just let us know what you need.

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