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Trailers that stand the test of time

Custom-made trailers to suit your lifestyle and the New Zealand climate.

At Epic Trailers, our focus is you and your individual trailer needs. We produce tailor-made trailers specific to your transportation needs, including boat trailers, vehicle trailers, performance car trailers, motorbike transportation, digger trailers, trade trailers, farm and agriculture trailers and bike trailers. 

Our trailers are created with the practicality of your profession, need and the New Zealand climate in mind, featuring quality galvanised steel and metals.


Refurbishments on existing trailers are also welcomed. With our company being competent in supplying all trailer parts, we can restore your existing trailer to its former glory. Whether you're after axles, brake controllers, lamps, fittings, rollers or trailer wiring, we can help.

Our expert team at Epic Trailers are experienced, competent, efficient and customer-focused, each driven to produce quality and durable products, time and time again. 

All our trailers are manufactured in our workshop, fully welded for strength and galvanised for increased protection from rust and corrosion, giving you a longer-lasting trailer. There is no smarter option for your next trailer than an Epic trailer.

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